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Our diverse selection of spa packages are designed to target the different preferences and needs of any spa guests. Whether you would prefer a combination of treatments with a less intense touch and more of a focus on relaxation or if you are in the mood for a package with a focus on rebalancing and detoxifying the body, we have the package for you


Whether you are in the mood for a Swedish massage to relieve your sore muscles or if you would prefer a more personalized treatment that targets specific areas, we have the talented staff to help you define your custom treatment.


Serenity Spa’s facial treatments target specific skin concerns to help guests rapidly and dramatically improve the look and feel of their skin. Our wide selection of facials cater to a variety of different skin types.

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Serenity Spa is home to the best aestheticians and masseurs.

Explore our luxurious selection of packages, all customizable to meet your specific needs.

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